Jeremy A. Roberts | Associate Professor

Steve Hsu Keystone Research Scholar

Ph.D. – 2014, Massachusetts Institute
of Technology

Nuclear Engineering
M.S. – 2009, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Nuclear Engineering
B.S. – 2009, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Nuclear Engineering and Applied Mathematics

Contact information

137D Ward Hall

Professional experience

Professor Roberts joined the Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering in fall of 2013, where he teaches and researches in the areas of computational and nuclear engineering. Previously, he completed graduate work in nuclear engineering at Wisconsin (under Prof. Paul Wilson) and MIT (under Prof. Benoit Forget) and undergraduate work at Wisconsin (under Prof. Douglass Henderson). Professor Roberts spent several summers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory as a student researcher and one academic year abroad at Tampeeren Teknillinen Yliopisto (under Prof. Robert Piché).


Professor Roberts and his Computation and Optimization for Reactor Physics Simulation (CORPS) Group perform research in computational reactor physics. A primary focus of his current work is the development and analysis of high-fidelity benchmark experiments for validation of next-generation numerical models. Other work has led to novel algorithms for reactor physics calculations on a variety of computer architectures.

Academic highlights

Prof. Roberts is the author or co-author of eight journal papers and 18 conference papers. He currently advises four graduate students and is PI for over $1 million of externally-funded research.