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Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering


Photo of Douglas McGregor teachingThe undergraduate curriculum includes engineering science courses in the sophomore and junior years and engineering application courses in the junior and senior years. Laboratory courses and humanities and social science electives are found throughout the curriculum. The laboratory and application courses provide opportunity for development of student creativity, use of design methodology and other aspects of engineering design.

The entire curriculum serves as preparation for the industrial design project where teams of students are assigned to work on realistic engineering problems supplied by industrial sponsors. This brief internship gives new mechanical engineering graduates the experience and confidence to move quickly into productive and satisfying careers.

Because of the broad and fundamental nature of the curriculum, mechanical engineering provides an excellent background for careers in such fields as law, medicine, social services, urban design and business management in addition to traditional engineering professions.

We also offer a concurrent Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and Master of Business Administration.

Everything you will need to know about the application and admissions process can be found on K-State's Office of Recruitment and Admissions website, including tuition, scholarshipfinancial aid, and housing.

Schedule an on campus visit through K-State's Office of Recruitment and Admissions office or by calling 800-532-8270. If you go through admissions, be sure to tell them you want to visit the Alan Levin Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering. Also, check out K-State Engineering's special events for prospective students. 

Degree Requirements
Students must complete 125 hours of a presubscribed curriculum to graduate with their bachelor of science in mechanical engineering, or mechanical engineering with a nuclear option.