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Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering

MNE Alumni Awards

Professional Progress Award

The Carl R. Ice College of Engineering recognizes successful alumni in the midst of their professional careers and accomplishments.

Award Selection Criteria

  1. 20 years or less since receiving their last Kansas State University degree
  2. Significant success demonstrated by one or more of the following:
    • Professional accomplishments
    • Service to society and/or profession of engineering
    • Support of K-State Engineering
    • Other distinguished activities
  3. Promise of continued success
Year Award ReceivedNameDegreeGrad Year
2001Dave Douglass ME1981
2002Jack Higginbotham NE1981
2003Claire Stroede ME1996
2004David Harris ME1988
2004Rick Martineau ME1989
2005Jamie Meeks ME1987
2005Darin George NE1986
2006Christian Velasquez ME1991
2006Bryan Long ME1998
2007Sheila Hayter ME1990
2007Brian Linin ME1993
2009Scott Aberle ME1992
2009William Kennedy JrNE1973
2010Michael Brockway ME1992
2011John Curtis NE1993
2012John Bridson ME1992
2013Cory Downing ME1993
2013Reggie Schoen ME1995
2014Christopher Champagne ME1993
2014Nathaniel Fisher ME2009
2015Mark Swanson ME1995
2015Chris Hansen NE1998
2016Noel EtzelNE1999
2016Toby RushME1998
2017Robb RaneyME1997
2018David McPhersonME 


Alumni Fellow

The K-State Alumni Fellows Program, sponsored by the Dean's Council, the President’s Office and the Alumni Association, recognizes alumni who have distinguished themselves in their careers.

Since 1983, the program has brought successful alumni back to campus to meet with students and faculty and share their expertise in the classroom and at informal settings. Fellows are chosen by the dean of each college with nominations from faculty.  

Award Selection Criteria
The nominee must be a graduate of K-State. The nominee should have been graduated long enough to have distinguished himself/herself in his/her chosen field.  Fellows should currently be in the workforce in order to share current industry information with students and faculty.

Year Award ReceivedNameDegreeGrad Year
1985Ken Collins ME1954
1990General Richard B. Myers ME1965
1994Norm Bennett ME1958
1997Larry GeskeME1997
1998Bud Peterson ME1975
2007Greg Tucker ME1978
2008Doug Sterbenz ME1985
2011Jim Gieber ME1963


Hall of Fame

K-State Engineering Hall of Fame recognizes successful alumni who have reached the highest levels of achievement in their professional endeavors and who are committed to maintaining the highest standards of their profession. In addition to alumni, each year one non-alumnus may be so honored. All alumni who are at least 20 years beyond graduation are eligible. K-State faculty members are also eligible upon reaching emeritus status. Hall of Fame candidates are nominated by the college administration, faculty and alumni, and represent the top one percent of graduates the college.

Year Award ReceivedNameDegreeGrad Year
1989Ken Collins ME1954
1989Darrell Hosler ME1959
1989Harold Lonsinger ME1956
1989John Shupe ME1969
1989Karl Stevens ME1961
1990Mark Hulings ME1948
1990John Weese ME1955
1991James Callen NE1962
1992Gerald Oppliger ME1959
1993Larry Burdge ME1958
1993Roger Dutton ME1956
1994Gen. Richard B. MyersME1965
1994Laree Mugler ME1972
1995Jerry Boettcher NE1963
1997Ken Gowdy ME1955
2003Bud Peterson ME1975
2003Larry Foulke NE1960
2004Steve Theede ME1974
2004Tom Mistler NE1963
2005Greg Tucker ME1978
2007Joe Farrar ME1970
2007Robert Iotti NE1964
2011N K Anand ME (MS)1980
2012Jim Jaax ME1965
2014Alan Levin ME1969
2016M.A. "Meg" YaegeME (BS/MS)1979/1984
2018Doug SterbenzME