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Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering

Advising Procedures

You are welcome and encouraged to meet with your adviser at any time throughout the semester.

To enroll, you will have an Adviser Hold placed on your KSIS account and cannot enroll until you meet with you adviser to discuss your upcoming semester. Advising occurs in October for the spring semester and March for the fall semester.

Who is my adviser?
If you are unsure of your assigned adviser, login to KSIS and select "Student Service Center." Your adviser is listed on the right side. If you are not assigned to an adviser, email the academic program coordinator.

Schedule an appointment

Advising Appointment (Crystal)
Advising Appointment (Mitzi)
Advising Appointment Juniors/Seniors

Prepare for your appointment
1.  Prior to your advising session, complete the MNE Enrollment Worksheet (pdf).  Use the online course schedule (dates/times for courses) and the course catalog (pre-requisites, basic course details, and rotation info) to complete the form.
2.  Print out your current DARS report and flowchart.
3.  Bring your completed MNE Enrollment Worksheet, DARS report, and flowchart with you to your appointment.

Students are assigned an enrollment time based on their total completed and transfer hours. The day and time of each student's enrollment can be viewed on KSIS on the "Student Center" page. Click the "Details" link for specific information. Enrollment can be completed via KSIS after you have cleared all holds, including meeting with your adviser to drop your Adviser Hold.



Forms/Suggested Courses
Course Schedule
Flowchart System

Contact Information

Crystal Strauss
Academic Adviser
3014 Rathbone

Mitzi Farmer
Academic Adviser
3014 Rathbone