Radiation Measurement Applications Laboratory

The Radiation Measurement Applications Laboratory (RMAL) provides facilities to perform research and to conduct teaching experiments concerning the application of radiation to the measurement of physical properties of matter. Faculty and students are able to perform research and conduct experiments in:

  • Nondestructive evaluation;
  • Quantitative analysis by energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence;
  • Applications of scintillating fibers;
  • Radioisotope gauging; and
  • Radioactive and intert tracing.

The laboratory has access to a dark room within which the scintillating fiber experiments can be conducted with minimal background from visible and ultra-violet sources.


009 Ward Hall

Current research interests
  • Remote detection of improvised explosive devices
  • Characterization of semiconductor neutron detectors for dosimetry and imaging
  • Detection and characterization of hidden cracks in metal sub-structures
  • Energy-dispersive x-ray fluorescence analysis
  • Nondestructive testing with plastic scintillating fibers
  • Mechanically-cooled High Purity Germanium detector
  • Lithium-drifted silicon (Si-Li) detector for x-ray fluorescence analysis\
  • Multiple nai(Tl) scintillation detectors
  • Plastic scintillating fibers
  • Tektronix TDS 420 digitizing oscilloscope
  • NIM bin and bin-mounted electronics modules
  • Canberra Inspector 2000 DSP Portable multichannel analyzer (MCA) including Genie 2000 Software
  • Two high-precision stepping motors (one capable of 0.04 mm resolution and one having a 7-foot travel)
  • Pcs for experiment control, data collection, data analysis, simulation
  • 16-channel data acquisition board
  • 4096-channel MCA board|
  • Multiscaler board
  • Portable survey meter
  • Semi-dark room equipped with benches for conducting experiments with scintillating Fibersnumerous
  • X-Ray tube and radioisotope sources
  • Brookfield RVT rheometer for measuring viscosity of fluids
  • Small optical plate with rods, clamps, lenses, mirrors, etc.
  • Digital caliper and multimeters