Internal Combustion Engines Laboratory

Research in the Internal Combustion Engines Laboratory includes projects ranging from ammoniacombustion experiments to experiments using alternative fuels in compression ignition engines that have been funded by private industry and the federal government. The laboratory contains a large engine test cell capable of testing medium-duty engines. Representative engines in the lab are a Cummins 4BT3.9 turbocharged engine and a General Motors Quad-4 fuel injected engine. The lab houses a state-of-the-art emissions sampling system, consisting of CO, CO2, NOx, NH3, O2, SO2, and hydrocarbon analyzers.

  • Cummins 4BT: Turbo Charged 4-cylinder with Compression Ignition
  • GM Quad 4: 4-cylinder (2.3 Liter) with Spark Ignition
  • Ford (1.9 Liter): 4-cylinder with Spark Ignition
  • John Deere 3152D: 3-cylinder with Compression Ignition
  • Briggs & Stratton: 10 hp with Spark Ignition
  • Sachs-rotary with Spark Ignition
  • CFR: variable compression ratio with Spark Ignition
  • Engine Test Cell: Dialog Dyno and Engine Controller with fuel flow, air flow, temperature, torque and speed data acquisition
  • Exhaust Analyzers: Rosemont/Beckman
  • Alternative Fuel Injection into Cummins Diesel Engine
  • Ammonia Dispersion