Autonomous Vehicle Systems Laboratory

Photo of AVS Lab

The goals of the Autonomous Vehicle Systems Lab (AVS) are to
1. develop inexpensive, easy to use, UAV systems for new applications
2. conduct research on advanced GNC systems, new sensing technologies, and new applications of UAV, and
3. to provide opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students to work with hardware in an exciting research and development atmosphere.

  • ME 570 – Control of Mechanical Systems I
  • ME 628 – Aerodynamics
  • ME 635 – Dynamics of Flight
  • ME 640 – Control of Mechanical Systems II
  • ME 728 – Computer Control of Electromechanical Systems
  • ME 730 – Control System Analysis and Design

Equipment and Projects

Contact information

Dale Schinstock
Associate Professor, Director

J. Garth Thompson
Professor Emeritus