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Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering

Research and Testing

Undergraduate research opportunities include working with world-class faculty and graduate students in top-notch laboratories on cutting edge research challenges. College of Engineering representatives are working with the university-level Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Inquiry to advance experiences for our undergraduate students.

Graduate research offers leadership and professional development opportunities to students. In addition, graduate students have the opportunity to travel to present their work at national and international conferences and workshops. Assistantships and scholarships are available for graduate students.View the graduate program websites to learn more about the graduate programs offered.








Dynamic Systems and Controls
Mechanics of Meta-Structures Lab - Dr. Raj Kumar Pal
Multifunctional Structures Lab - Dr. Jared Hobeck

Nuclear Engineering
Computation and Optimization for Reactor Physics Simulations - Dr. Jeremy Roberts
Nuclear Energy Systems Transport (Nu-EST) Lab - Dr. Hitesh Bindra
Radiological Engineering Analysis Lab - Dr. Amir Bahadori
Radiological Systems Integration Lab - Dr. Walter McNeil
Semiconductor Materials and Radiological Technologies (SMART) Lab - Dr. Douglas McGregor

Solid Mechanics and Machine Design
Characterization and Advanced Testing Laboratory - Dr. Jared Hobeck
Mechanics of Meta-Structures Lab - Dr. Raj Kumar Pal

Multifunctional Structures Lab - Dr. Jared Hobeck
NanoMaterials and Characterization Lab
Nanoscience and Engineering Lab - Dr. Gupreet Singh

Thermal and Fluid Sciences
Computational Science for Fluids and Acoustics Lab - Dr. Mingjun Wei
Cooling and Heating Innovation Lab - Dr. Melanie Derby
Environmental Air Quality Lab - Dr. Mo Hosni
Institute for Environmental Research - Dr. Steven Eckles
Multiphase Microfluidics Lab - Dr. Amy Betz
NanoMaterials and Characterization Lab
National Gas Machinery Lab - Dr. Byron Jones