Master of Science

The department offers Master of Science degrees in both mechanical engineering and nuclear engineering. The programs are designed to prepare students for advanced positions in industry, consulting and government, as well as for further graduate studies toward a doctorate degree.

  • The master’s degree requires a minimum of 30 credit hours of graduate-level course/research work.

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Online master's in mechanical engineering

The online master’s in mechanical engineering provides advanced coursework on a variety of topics useful for working professionals in mechanical engineering and other engineering disciplines.


Accelerated B.S. ME and M.S. ME or NE

The Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering offers accelerated B.S./M.S. degree programs, in which students can earn bachelor’s and master’s degrees with 9 hours of overlapping of coursework.

Please visit the K-State Office of the Registrar's Accelerated Degree Program FAQs for more information.


Note for accelerated programs, simultaneously pursuing both an undergraduate and graduate degree involves added complexity to a student’s academic plan and careful attention to additional rules and guidelines is important. Being admitted to an accelerated program can impact scholarships, federal grants and loans, including Pell Grant status. Any student wishing to pursue an accelerated MNE degree must make an appointment with the department head to discuss the university practices and policies for these degrees.