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Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering

Triga Mark II Nuclear Reactor Facility

Reactor Staff 3.2017

The Kansas State University TRIGA Mark II nuclear reactor facility supports academic and education programs, research, industrial service and outreach. The reactor is licensed to operate at up to 1.25 MW. Students in the MNE nuclear option utilize the reactor in two reactor operation laboratory classes, and as a neutron and gamma source for a radiation-detection course. The facility provides sample irradiations and tours for many other courses within the university, and provides tours for area students from grade school to college age.

The research capabilities of the reactor include a variety of neutron beams for detector testing, internal imaging using neutron radiography and tomography, tracer isotope production, and trace element analysis via neutron activation analysis. The facility is staffed almost entirely by licensed undergraduate student operators, thereby providing both an excellent opportunity for the students and supporting the manpower needs of the local nuclear power industry.

At the present time the reactor facility can be used for the following experiments:

  • Neutron activation analysis using HPGe spectrometers
  • Neutron irradiation
    • nvt = ~108 – 1018 neutrons/cm2
  • Gamma irradiation
    • Up to ~100 krad/hr for samples below 50 mL in size
    • Up to ~1 krad/hr for samples up to 20 L in size
  • Neutron radiography
    • Up to 3" dia. sample size
  • Neutron detector testing
    • Four beam ports with distinct neutron spectra
    • 252Cf neutron/gamma source

The reactor can be operated for $150/hour (on-campus experimenters) to $225/hour (off-campus experimenters). This fee is typically waived for outreach activities.

If you would like to schedule a tour or experiment at the reactor, please contact Max Nager or Dr. Amir Bahadori.

Contact Information

Amir Bahadori
Nuclear Reactor Manager

Max Nager
Nuclear Reactor Supervisor


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