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Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering

Mechanical Testing and Evaluation Laboratory

The Mechanical Testing and Evaluation Laboratory (MTEL) was developed in 1996 with the mission of providing broad-based state-of-the-art experimental support in the area of deformation, stress, strain, and failure analysis of traditional and advanced engineering materials, components and structures. This support takes the form of undergraduate and graduate level teaching activities for a variety of academic departments as well a wide range of funded research projects and industrial contract testing and evaluation.

  • 55,000 lb and 22,000 lb digitally-controlled, servo-hydraulic material test systems w/ grips, fixtures, and sensors to accommodate a wide variety of tests
  • Low force electro-mechanical test system
  • High and low temperature materials testing capabilities
  • Olympus zoom-field stereoscopic microscope interfaced w/ digital image analysis workstation
  • Variety of advanced digital image acquisition/analysis hardware/software systems
  • Computer data acquisition capability
  • Digital image correlation capability (non-contact, full-field displacement measuring technique)
  • Strain gage sensors and conditioners
  • 2D and 3D elastic and elastic-plastic finite element analysis software, fatigue and fracture analysis software
  • Characterization and evaluation of the Crack Tip Opening Angle (CTOA) Elastic-Plastic Fracture Criterion
  • Experimental and computational evaluation of Fatigue Crack Growth in the presence of residual stress fields
  • Experimental/computational evaluation of Fatigue Crack Growth in adhesively bonded aircraft structures
  • Micro-mechanical evaluation of fiber/matrix adhesion in fibrous composites
  • Effect of periodic overloads on the low-cycle fatigue of a mild steel
  • Evaluation of 3D Crack Growth during Fatigue Crack Growth and stable tearing using nuclear-based NDE
Contact Information

Kevin Lease
Associate Professor

Rathbone 0027   
Microscopy, Computational, and Low-Force Testing Facility

Rathbone 0028   
Experimental Stress Analysis and Large Scale Testing Facility