Characterization and Advanced Testing Lab

Hands-On Learning

Courses taught or supported by the CAT Lab
  • ME 533 – Machine Design
  • ME 656 – Mechanical Vibration
  • ME 699 – Experimental Stress Analysis
  • ME 575 – Senior Design
Most common ways that the CAT Lab supports courses and student activities:
Full lab course development

Lab-intensive courses such as ME 699 (Experimental Stress Analysis) are taught almost entirely in the lab where students learn how to operate equipment, setup and conduct experiments, acquire data and process the results.

Adding hands-on learning to lecture courses

This allows an instructor to add a hands-on learning component to a more traditional lecture-style course. Students can be assigned a project or part of a project that requires them to physically go to the lab conduct an experiment, collect data and proceed with some analysis.

Design teams

The CAT Lab can support senior design projects as well as other competition design teams such as Mini Baja, Aero, and Formula. Look over our capabilities and contact the lab director to discuss more about your needs.