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Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering

Mohammad Abdo | Instructor


Ph.D. – 2016, North Carolina State University Nuclear Engineering, Minor: Mathematics
B.S. – 2000, Alexandria University Mechanical Engineering

Contact Information:
3041 Rathbone Hall

Professional Experience
Mohammad Abdo joined the Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering in September of 2017, as a post-doc research fellow (under Prof. Jeremy Roberts) where he conducted research in the areas of computational nuclear engineering, reduced order modeling, machine learning, and uncertainty quantification. Previously, he served as a postdoctoral research scholar at North Carolina State University (under Prof. Nam Dinh), where he explored state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms and their applications to thermal-hydraulics. He completed graduate studies and earned his Ph. D. degree in nuclear engineering at North Carolina State University (under Prof. Hany S. Abdel-Khalik) and undergraduate work at Alexandria University (Egypt) where he earned his BSc. in mechanical engineering. Abdo spent one year at Purdue University as a visiting student researcher. 


  • Constructed a data-driven time-dependent surrogate model for the transient LRA benchmark. 
  • Constructed a data-driven time-dependent surrogate model for the TRIGA MARK II research reactor at KSU which enabled time-dependent fuel elements and full core uncertainty analysis for the past 40 years of operation.
  • Ph.D. Thesis: 'Multi-Level Reduced Order Modeling equipped with Probabilistic Error Bounds', a framework that can reduce the computational overhead of a typical reactor physics assembly by 2-3 orders of magnitude.
  • Developed an algorithm to efficiently identify active subspaces - needed for dimensionality reduction and hence brought feasibility to analyses that require repetitive executions such as Uncertainty quantification (UQ), Sensitivity Analysis (SA), by reducing the size of the problem drastically (from hundreds of thousands of parameters to a few hundred).
  • Developed realistic probabilistic error bounds to bound multi-level reductions for loosely coupled multi-physics problems using a plug and play tool that can be used with a broad range of applications.

Teaching Experience
Abdo spent 11 years as a part-time/full-time teaching assistant/demonstrator in the mechanical department at Alexandria University and Pharos University respectively. Where he taught courses such as Mathematics, Statics, Dynamics, and Mechanical Vibrations. He also helped to teach the course: "Fundamentals of Nuclear Engineering" at both NC State and Purdue Universities and got nominated for the outstanding TA award.