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Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering

Computational Science for Fluids and Acoustics Lab

Professor Wei’s research is to apply computational science for simulation, understanding, modeling, control, and optimization of fluid flow and aero-acoustics.  The research efforts include high-performance computation for the numerical simulation of incompressible and compressible flows with their interaction with solid structures, developing reduced-order models for complex fluid problems for the need of fast or real-time computation and applying optimization algorithm for control and design in fluids and acoustics.

The research of C-Sofa Lab allows better understanding of the flying mechanism and its control used by insects and birds.  The learning and modeling from numerical simulation can be applied to the autonomous control of unmanned air vehicles.  The numerical simulation and control algorithm for jet noise leads to noise reduction of airplanes.  There is also simulation of blast waves and their interaction with the body of a ground vehicle.

Contact Information

Mingjun Wei
Associate Professor
2091 Rathbone - office
2086 Rathbone - lab