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Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering


Fellow (Post Doc) in Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering
The Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering at Kansas State University is seeking highly-qualified applicants for a Fellow Postdoctoral position within the Computation and Optimization for Reactor Physics Simulations Group to help lead efforts in ongoing research related to the modeling of the K-State TRIGA reactor and the determination of uncertainties in the fuel composition using a combination of computational and experimental data.

The Post Doc will participate in the planning and execution of research activities.  In particular, the Post Doc will lead the development and application of computational sequences for uncertainty quantification of nuclear fuel compositions.  As part of this effort, the Post Doc will work with and mentor graduate and undergraduate students, prepare research reports for sponsors, and prepare work for archival publication. This is a full-time position.  Initial appointment will be one year; continued employment is contingent upon availability of funding and candidate’s performance.

Nuclear Reactor Manager
The Nuclear Reactor Facility Manager is directly responsible for the operation of the 1250 kW Kansas State University TRIGA Mark II research reactor and associated laboratories. Duties of the Nuclear Reactor Facility Manager include teaching reactor operations training classes, planning for facility upgrades, training personnel, document control, maintaining radioactive material licenses, and interfacing with existing and potential customers.  A vital responsibility of the Reactor Manager is to manage the facility license and serve as the primary point of contact for the NRC.  The Manager may hold academic and research responsibilities beyond those associated with the Reactor Facility. The Nuclear Reactor Facility Manager is authorized to delegate responsibility for operation and use of the reactor to the Reactor Supervisor. The Manager is responsible for ensuring that reactor operation and use of radioisotopes conform with all applicable federal and state laws and regulations. This position reports to the Head of the Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering. 

Nuclear Reactor Supervisor (Laboratory Administrator)
The Reactor Supervisor assists the Nuclear Reactor Facility Manager in all matters related to the enforcement of established rules and procedures.  The Supervisor is expected to take responsibility for reactor scheduling, operator training, reactor operation, and facility maintenance. The Supervisor is responsible for maintaining facility documentation, including experimental and operating procedures, operational references, fuel handling procedures, and other appropriate information as determined by the Reactor Supervisor and Nuclear Reactor Facility Manager. The Reactor Supervisor is responsible for determining that the reactor is operated in strict accordance with the facility license, ensuring adequate information exchange during shift changes, and reporting all malfunctions, accidents, and other potentially hazardous occurrences to the Nuclear Reactor Facility Manager. This position reports to the Nuclear Reactor Facility Manager.

Research Engineer
The Institute for Environmental Research at Kansas State University is seeking highly-qualified applicants for a Research Engineer to conduct research and product testing in the area of human thermal comfort. IER is an internationally recognized leader in human thermal comfort research, product testing of fabric systems, protective clothing, and sleeping bags, indoor air quality issues, and building environmental systems optimization.  The research engineer should have the ability to work in a dynamic environment with students and professional clientele. The primary focus is on developing and maintaining test equipment, training graduate students and helping develop new research opportunities. 


Please refer to K-State Human Capital Services for a full list of open positions at Kansas State University.